About the Film Festival

Welcome! The Native American and Indigenous Students Group at NYU has been hosting our annual film fest since 2014. Each year we show films being made in our home nations, as well as those made by our Indigenous filmmaker colleagues here in NY and around the world.

At NAISG our primary mission is to form a supportive community of and for Native American and Indigenous students and scholars at New York University. Our members have a mix of backgrounds from full-bloods to people without tribal status– everyone is welcome. The group aims to impact our school and local community by showing the breadth of talent and activities that Native & Indigenous students, staff, and scholars are involved in. We don’t sit around campfires and bead shawls (though that might be fun, too): we make films about our families, we win law cases, we make sound installations, we run Multicultural Centers, we solve environmental problems, we make amazing cupcakes, we act in plays, we present papers on Freud and we study sexuality in Cuba. Once a month, we gather to eat fry bread and talk, laugh, dissent, celebrate, and occasionally watch a movie about Indians.

We are always welcoming new members and allies to our Indigenous community at NYU – if you would like to join us please e-mail our list serve: native-students-nyu-group@nyu.edu

Students participate in Indigenous Peoples’Day demonstration.
NAISG acknowledging we are on the island of “Manahatta” or “Lenapehoking”: This is Indigenous land we are on!